It is trending that Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape by an American model Kathryn Mayorga, who has alleged that ­ the super star footballer sexually assaulted her in a penthouse suite of Palms Casino Resort, hours after they were seen dancing together at a Sin City night club in 2009.

While Safe Tower International Organization is not taking sides in this unfolding drama with the embattled footballer, we however wish to put forward the following questions in the court of public opinion, but before then, let’s review what the accuser said transpired.

  • The accuser agreed that she accompanied the footballer to the penthouse suite.
  • Undressed herself without the use of force or any form of inducement by the footballer.
  • She was initially ready to have sex with the footballer but later change her mind.
  • Ordered him to stop but he didn’t.

The questions are:

  1. Which man should have stopped in such situation and mood the footballer was?
  2. She was allegedly raped 9 years ago, which police station, Lawyer’s chambers did she lodge her complaint immediately it happened?

In the words of the accused “I firmly deny the accusations being issued against me. Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in. Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense.”

While awaiting your responses, we wish to assume that Cristiono Ronaldo may well be another victim of rape charge to rip off the Super Star footballer of his hard earned bucks; the entire world should henceforth condemn any so called rape allegation by the alleged victim, who only bring such report to the public domain years after the alleged offense(s) are committed.

Right now as we speak, the footballer has been dropped from representing his country in football games involving Poland and Scotland, which is already a case of sentence before trial just like President Donald Trump was accused of sexual misconduct by 22 women after he had won election for the President of the United States and also Brett kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegation which may stop his confirmation as United States Supreme Court Justice and so many other cases abound.

Why is it that the so called victims do not always mention ordinary men on the street but high profile persons who are either in the verge of their breakthrough in their chosen field, career or stardom are always the ones alleged?

Fidelis Aburime

President: Safe Tower International Organization


In line with our tradition in SAFE TOWER INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION, where we highlight the activities of our past leaders; the role they played in reshaping the destiny of our nation. This very edition is dedicated to Late General Sani Abacha,  whose birthday was 20th September, 2018, as a way of marking his posthumous birthday, we wish to highlight the person of Abacha, his Military career, his interventions and positions held as it affected the Nigerian political history.

The Kanuri born infantry General, the 10th Head of state of Nigeria was a rare individual in his world whose former colleagues in the military would describe as a man of few words, tactical and intelligent.

The late Gen. Sani Abacha meant different things to different people; to some Gen. Abacha was fierce and Ruthless while others saw the late Gen. as strict and disciplined, who meant well for Nigeria but was unfortunately misunderstood by majority but we in SAFE TOWERS saw a patriot who always wanted the best for his country little wonder therefore, why he participated in almost all the coup de’ etat that happened during his time in service.


Gen. Sani Abacha was commissioned second lieutenant into the Nigerian Army in 1963 at 20 upon graduation from Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot, England. Before then, he had attended the Nigerian Military Training College in Kaduna.


He came into limelight in 1983 when he participated in a coup d’ etat which ousted President Shehu Shagari and ushered in Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. By 1985 Gen. Sani Abacha once again took part in  a coup d’ etat  which ousted Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, then ushered in Gen. Ibrahim Babaginda , a former Chief of Army Staff as the Head of State and Gen. Sani Abacha became the Chief of Army Staff, a position he held until 1990 when he became the Minister of Defence. By 1993 he became the Secretary of Defence under Chief Ernest Shonekan’s INTERIM NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. Same year he became Head of State and Commander in Chief upon the resignation of Chief Ernest Shonekan.


Gen. Sani Abacha was also a good Manager of the Economy who stabilized the exchange rate at ₦22/$. He fixed major roads, schools, health Institutions with proceeds from petroleum special trust fund (PTF) but same could not be said of his foreign relations and diplomacy.  He will be remembered for calling the bluff of the Western Imperialists who he described as leech in Nigeria economic and political life. He once ordered some Embassy(s) to relocate outside Federal Capital, after accusing them of meddling in our internal affairs. He will be remembered for his role in reshaping the course of Nigerian history, through his numerous interventions, through Coup d’ etat in the various Governments, that existed in his time.

Gen. Sani Abacha believed on merit and hard work and never liked nepotism or imposition. These reflected in the composition of his cabinet. This uncommon trait earned us a place in the World cup finals of 1994 and won us gold medal in Atlanta 1996, because he did not let politicians infiltrate the player’s camp; to bring in their preferred players which would have compromised our performance

He died 8 June, 1998.





Since 1960 that Nigerian gained her independence from the British the country has produced 14 Heads of State/Presidents, including those in acting/interim capacity.

Out of the figure quoted above, the north has produced 9 Heads of State/Presidents; 7 Heads of State, 3 Presidents and altogether they have put in about 36 years in the state house.

Apart from occupying the no 1 office in the country, it is not a secret that the northern elites have also occupied all important positions in government, ranging from Ministry Agencies, Security; Military, Police, Custom, Immigration etc till date except the no1 position.

Even with this long period of occupying these positions the region has nothing to show in terms of development apart from the very few elites who are rich and very powerful they remains the only voice in the region. Their interest has always been power and money; the fact that the region is under developed economically and educationally disadvantaged has never been of concern to them so long as they have access to the till at the center which they have used to the disadvantage to the less privilege.

While their hold on power lasted they never bothered to develop and equally educate the people, little wonder the region became less developed in infrastructure than the south and their children who should have gone to school, were never encouraged to go to school, no schools were built for them and became plate carries, beggars, miscreants, graduated into insurgents; Boko-Haram.

Since President Jonathan came into office he has identified with the region by providing those infrastructure they lacked over 5 decades by building schools for Almajiris, fixed broken down dams, empowered agriculture through fertilizer distribution to farmers against the usual practice, where the farmers against the usual practice, where the farmers where short changed.

He has constructed roads in the region among other giant strides even in the face of distractions, insurgency etc. These developments have made the elites very uncomfortable. Why will an outsider come and clean our mess? Before then it was, Jonathan has stolen their tenure. With the above development their fear is that he has made them political irrelevant, they perceive it will now be difficult to mislead their remains the bedrock of development. Some critics in the region, even a sitting governor have oftentimes called him incompetent but this ‘incompetent’ man has just done what some competent men could not do in 54 years. What was the moral standard used to label this man incompetent.

Goodluck Jonathan must know those who do not want him to succeed for their selfish reasons. Who are angry with the man for trying to educate the Almajiris, who they want to remain uneducated for their use as militia to fight perceived enemies of the state.

If Jonathan is allowed to succeed by the way he is going, they (Almajiris) can no longer be used as suicide bombers, kidnappers, abductors. The elites have now come to realize that Jonathan has pulled the rug of their feet. They may not be interested if the insurgency persists, which their body language presently suggest. Is anyone still in doubt while the onslaught has taken so long in a region that can boast of retired generals, head of states director of top security units/department. Nigerians should as a matter of urgency put politics aside to rally around Jonathan to defeat these reactionary forces.

The north must be rescued from the hands of these very few and be reintegrated into the country. Nigerians must join together to form a bond; the people must brace up to this national challenge to that these few who see power as an end but not a means should never have access to power again.


The influx of migrants into Europe over the decades has put both the economy and infrastructure of their host into undue pressure. Over this period, thousands of migrants mostly from Africa have gone to Europe in search of greener pastures; it is on record that in 2016 alone over 66,000 immigrants had arrived Italy. And the figure has almost doubled since then even into other European Countries which have forced most of them to enact laws to put an end to the influx of the migrants if not completely, but to a manageable proportion.

SAFE TOWER is of the opinion that UNITED NATIONS is not sincere and fair to Europe if not why is the body not asking America, Asia, Oceania and other continents to extend the same assistance by receiving immigrants into their continents, ditto their countries.

We feel there is a clandestine group who are profiting from these influxes. If not who are the owners of these Boats, who is fueling these boats, who is paying the crew working in these boats? Why is the UNITED NATIONS not asking questions or investigating? Failure to give acceptable answers to these questions, make the UNITED NATIONS complicit.

If the exodus to Europe is not a form of conspiracy to limit their resources and productivity the sponsors of this influx and their backers must to tracked, arrested and prosecuted now. This decisive action will put an end to these influxes.

We introduce SAFE TOWER INTERNATIONAL, Human rights, Social-Political Organization and Youth Development facility.

Our main agenda is the defense of human rights, we uphold the rule of law, equity and justice, through our daily publication on trending issues; politics, human rights abuse, injustice, oppression and intimidation of any kind.

We also engage in programs on youth empowerment and development on skill acquisition and training; an initiative to broaden their individual skills, knowledge for sustainable productivity


The sack of the former Director General of Department of State Security Services came to many Nigerians as a surprise, as he was seen before now as law unto himself who acted with impunity with the disobedience of court orders, in the cases of El-Zakzaky the Islamic cleric, and the former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki who were granted bail by court of competent jurisdiction, but are still been held in detention.

The damning report on Ibrahim Magu, the acting EFCC boss which stopped his confirmation, was equally traced to Lawal Daura.

The sting operations his operatives carried out on justices, which was unprecedented, and at the end none of them was convicted for the crime they were humiliated for.

Reliable sources have it that he didn’t take orders from his superiors like the National Security Adviser, Alhaji Babagana Mungono.

He had open confrontation with the operatives of the EFCC over some financial issues which fell under the purview of the EFCC, thereby frustrating investigation in the line of duty.

Lawal Daura never really hid his tribal sentiment in the case of Babachir Lawal, former Secretary to The Government of The Federation, though was indicted by the three man panel headed by the Vice President who investigated his involvement and indictment in the grass cutting scandal, was never arraigned before any court till date.

He was set to have overruled the President on Ikoyi gate issue involving the sum of $43.45million.

Lastly his alleged romance with Senator Bukola Saraki, and others Senators.

While SAFE TOWER applaud this singular but decisive action hope will not only serve as deterrent to other operatives in public office, but will also give this Government credibility and equally change the perception by Nigerians who have seen the Federal Government before now as using its operatives as attack dogs against political opponents.